This week we are continuing our discussion on how a fever helps your body naturally detoxify and is a powerful anti-cancer tool. When your body temperature is about 4 degrees above normal, your white blood cells are 10-fold – very important to kill off the bad guys. A fever response to a virus or bacteria is a sign of a strong and healthy immune system. In my practice, the sickest people are the ones who claimed to never get sick and there are many studies proving the importance of fevers.

In short:

  • It is a physiological fact that fevers stimulate a healthy immune response
  • They increase white blood cell count and functioning
  • They increase phagocytosis (when the white blood cells eat up the “bad guys”)

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics: “Fever retards the growth and reproduction of bacteria and viruses, enhances neutrophil production and T-lymphocyte proliferation, and aids in the body’s acute-phase reaction.”

Busting the Fever Myth:

  • Fevers are generally self-limiting and rarely serious provided we know the cause and we replace lost fluids
  • The body is self-regulating, and body temperature is regulated by the hypothalamus
  • Fevers help shorten the length of time you and your child will be sick
  • Your immune system is like a muscle and it needs a healthy workout
  • A fever is like a work out for your immune system and it leaves the immune system and body stronger than before

Cultural Conditioning:

I know it may sound funny, but we also need to address our quick fix mentality. We don’t like to suffer, even if it’s good for us. It’s difficult to see our kids in pain, and it’s important to educate them about their bodies. It’s important to remember for ourselves and to teach our children that a fever is a good sign of strength and we will be even stronger after our body wins this battle. We can empower them to make healthy choices that I will describe shortly. Reminding ourselves and our children that “suffering” with a fever, although uncomfortable, is actually often beneficial for overall health and well-being. Let’s re-educate our next generation to stop reaching for quick-fix pills and begin honoring their body in a new way.

6 Secrets to Making Fevers Your Friends

Secret #1: Homeopathy

Homeopathy is both safe and effective. I invite you to visit my website and read about it here:

You will also find a free download of my favorite Homeopathic Fever Remedies on that page.

Secret #2: Asian Medicine

Gua sha – Brushing or scraping certain points with a ceramic soup spoon or credit card can lower fever. Points such as LI4, Li11, and the Korean Immune point. These points can be found on google search. You will scrape away from the center of the body, down the hand or arm. You can also use a credit card to scrape the points. They may get slightly red, this is normal. Scrape points 20-50 times on each side, left and right, up to 6x day as needed.

It may sound strange, but this works for high fevers only. Prick the apex of the ear and get out drops of blood, as many of 10-20 drops. Use a lancet, like diabetics use to test their blood sugar or prick the middle finger and get out drops of blood. This can bring down an acute fever quickly. I would not use this technique for a low-grade fever.

Herbs, Yin Xioa is a formula that comes in a chewable tablet or pill form. I like Plum Flower Brand. Follow the dosing on the bottle.

Secret #3: Food Based Supplements

These impact immune function…

  • Liposomal Vit C, like Quicksilver Scientific, which is food sourced; Powdered Vit C is synthetic and can cause an upset stomach
  • Zinc
  • Vit D3, use this emulsified in a healthy oil like MCT or olive oil (never use soy or corn oil)
  • Rose hip tea
  • Chamomile tea
  • Mint tea (not to be taken with homeopathies)

Secret #4: Food

  • Avoid sugar, it suppresses immune function
  • Avoid junk food, full of chemicals and preservatives known to suppress immune function
  • Bone broth or mashed veggies are great foods to eat/drink
  • For sore throats and high fevers: ice chips, or home made pop sickles from blended fruit and spring water
  • Keep well hydrated with spring water

Secret #5: Lifestyle

  • Get lots of rest
  • Get outside and enjoy the sunlight, fresh air, trees and nature
  • Don’t over do it or push yourself
  • Limit screen time – don’t over-stimulate the nervous system with video games and high action movies
  • Reading, drawing, listening to calming music or an audio book are great ways to relax
  • A cool damp wash cloth on the forehead and inner crease of your forearm will help cool your body

Secret #6: Commitment

  • Commitment to listen to yours and/or your child’s body
  • Commitment to do your best
  • Commitment to being an active participant in your healthcare
  • Commitment to learn something new
  • Commitment to remain courageous in the face of a sick child
  • Commitment to reach beyond conventional, limited, and often dangerous standards of Western medical care in order to offer your family vibrant health and well-being long into the future

 Let’s Review:

  • Fever Phobia is not based on science
  • Western medicine only offers a potentially dangerous drug that doesn’t actually alter body temperature
  • There are serious health risks associated with taking acetaminophen
  • Fevers are a sign that the body is doing a great job fighting an infection – suppressing it in many ways is not healthy
  • A fever is a healthy workout and detoxification for your body
  • There are practical and affordable alternatives to working with a fever

I’d like to share a little story with you. My friend and patient Kristen, in Arizona, reached out to me while I was in Buenos Aires, Argentina because her son had a high fever. She was so shocked by this rapid result that she wrote me this: “It’s like I can control his temperature to the perfect degree with these little pellets (homeopathic). I am in awe. He is drinking green juice now, head up off the pillow! Incredible! Thank you so much for your support and guidance. I love you.”

I hope this helps you feel more empowered and confident when you or your family is sick.

Blessings of Vibrant Health,

Kristin Grayce McGary
Health and Lifestyle Alchemist