Homeopathy is a coherent system of natural medicine that focuses on the body’s inherent ability to heal from within. It was discovered over 200 years ago by the German physician, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann.

Remedies for: Viral fever, influenza with body aches, fatigue, headaches and more.

It has its own method of diagnosis and unique way of treating. The remedies are all-natural and safe. The elderly, children, infants, animals, and even pregnant women can safely use homeopathic preparations. Homeopathic remedies are very effective in acute and chronic disease patterns. In the United States, homeopathy is a legally recognized method of healing.

Homeopathy sees the patient as a biological system continually seeking homeostasis. The internal and external environment is continually stressing the body which reacts to maintain its dynamic milieu. The symptoms of disease are the body’s attempt to maintain balance and homeostasis by sacrificing a small portion of the body for the common good. In homeopathy, a symptom is the body’s reaction to environmental toxic stimulus and stress, and should therefore be encouraged and not usually suppressed. It is this enhancement of the healing bodily reaction that homeopathy seeks to accomplish. I administer minute doses of single and combination remedies to help stimulate the body’s own mechanisms to prioritize healing and balance.

The Laws of Homeopathy

When a patient presents with a dis-ease, symptoms or stress, the substance that produces a remedy picture that most resembles the disease/symptom picture is administered to the patient to cause the patient to respond to and therefore modify this disease/symptom picture. It is the close matching of the remedy picture with the disease/symptom picture that constitutes the first law of homeopathy – the law of similars. The law of similars is very ancient and is the basis of vaccinations, anti-venom treatments and allergy desensitization. The picture obtained of the patient’s disease/symptom process is elicited by the questioning homeopath in a lengthy interview process that stresses the interrelationship of mental, emotional and physical symptoms. The manifestations of the symptoms as a reflection for the whole organism is emphasized at all times.

The second law of homeopathy relates to the use of a single remedy. I am not fully trained in Classical/Constitutional Homeopathy rather Complex or Combination Homeopathy, Homotoxicology and Biological Medicine so I will not elaborate on this single remedy law. The reason I chose Complex homeopathy verses Classical is simple, Classical Homeopathy has about a 15% or less success rate. I can achieve closer to a 95% success rate, in a much shorter time, with Complex Homeopathy, Homotoxicology and Biological Medicine and my patients deserve this!

Over the years I’ve found several reasons why Classical homeopathy isn’t working well. First, we have so many layers of toxicity-heavy metals, chemicals, pesticides etc, that the Constitutional remedies don’t work. Second, we have enormous amounts of unresolved physical, emotional and psychological trauma that blocks healing and the ability for a constitutional remedy to work. Third, we have many latent viruses, bacteria, fungi, mycoplasma (cell wall deficient bacteria), dental gum pockets of infection, root canal and wisdom teeth extraction issues that hinder or block a constitutional remedy from truly working. This is not to say that a single remedy doesn’t work in acute situations but constitutional remedies often can’t break through the many layers to take effect. There are remarkable stories of constitutional remedies working but often when other blocks have been removed and the practitioner is extraordinary in assessment and remedy selection. For now I use what has been proven most effective and efficient for my patients to heal and thrive.

The third law of homeopathy is the law of minimum dose. In this law, the least amount of the remedy needed to produce the biological response should be employed to gently move the patient towards cure. More is certainly not better. This directive relates to the biological sensitivity of each individual patient, which will differ not only in the remedy utilized for a similar diagnosis, but also in the strength of the remedy employed for a cure.

Homeopathy is safe medicine

This brings us to the most difficult part of homeopathy to comprehend: The strengths of the remedies themselves. Homeopaths have, and still do use herbal remedies in tincture, but it is the water and alcohol-diluted remedy that forms the basis of homeotherapeutics. The dilution can range from 1:10 (D or X dilutions) to 1:100 (C dilutions) to 1:100,000 (M dilutions) and even higher. Avogadro’s number of 6.12 x 10 (23rd power) ends at a dilution of 23X or 12C.  Any dilution higher than that theoretically has none of the original starting material present in the remedy, but still works well! In fact, the higher the dilution or potency, the greater the fundamental biological and emotional change induced. How can that be? The secret is in the dilution. During every dilution the mixture is given kinetic energy by thumping the mixture against a solid surface (i.e. the palm of your hand), which induces a physical change in the solvent. This physical change, which is a patterning or physical restructuring of the water-alcohol and substance interface, contains biological information about the change that needs to take place and the body is able to read it and respond to these directions.

I’m also trained to inject homeopathic remedies into acupuncture points, this is called Homeopuncture. This is another way of utilizing the brilliance of homeopathy while combining it with the ancient healing power of acupuncture. A few of the manufacturers and labeled remedies I trust and work with are BHI Heel, Sanum- Terra Medica, Seryoal (Unda), Guna Biotherapeutics, Deseret Biologics, and Professional Health Products to name a few.