Keto Gut Repair

Ketogenic diets are higher in healthy fats than paleo/primal nutritional plans and much lower in carbohydrates. Please note that I work with Ketogenic gut-repair nutritional plans that exclude certain fats such as dairy, eggs, and nuts. General keto diets allow those foods. Please see the Paleo and Primal recipe section for other recipes that include nuts and eggs.

  • 60-75% of calories from fat (or even more)
  • 15-30% of calories from protein
  •  5-10% of calories from carbs

The general macronutrient ratio guidelines are:
The exact amount of your daily fat and protein intake depends on your individual body responses and activity levels. However, most people on ketogenic diets don’t consume over 5% of calories from carbohydrates. You likely won’t need to count calories unless you’re goal is weight loss and you’ve hit a plateau.

Paleo and Primal

Paleo and Primal diets are based on the premise that our ancestors didn’t eat processed foods and grains so we aren’t genetically designed to do so either. Eating Paleo or Primal has many benefits but may not work for everyone.

Our paleolithic ancestors got a few things right when they consumed:

  • Three times more produce than the typical American,
  • More fiber,
  • More protein,
  • More omega-3 fatty acids,
  • More unsaturated fat,
  • More vitamins and
  • Minerals,
  • Much less saturated fat and sodium

Vegan Diet

Veganism means no animal products are consumed, not even honey.

Vegetarianism has more variations, some eat eggs but no meat, others eat fish but no other animal or fowl, and others eat dairy but no other flesh food.

  • Lacto-ovo-vegetarians eat both dairy products and eggs; this is the most common type of vegetarian diet.
  • Lacto-vegetarians eat dairy products but avoid eggs.
  • Ovo-vegetarian. Eats eggs but not dairy products.
  • Vegans do not eat dairy products, eggs, or any other products which are derived from animals.

Raw Food

Raw food diet consists of uncooked, unprocessed, hopefully organic foods including raw fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, and sprouted grains. It is primarily plant based. Some raw foodists also consume raw eggs, meat, fish, and dairy products.

Food is never cooked but can be warmed as long as it doesn’t get hotter than 118 degrees F.

Some things are dehydrated and usually never a temperature greater than 108 degrees F. The idea behind this kind of diet is to keep enzymes and nutrients in the foods alive and available because cooking can destroy them.


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Ariel Policano, ND

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