This is the perfect smoothie. It’s simple, rich, creamy, and nutritious. I’ve added a few variations
you can play with below, like raw cacao and spirulina. This drink may remind you of the “good
luck” four leaf clover with its vibrant green color (if you don’t add the cacao variation). It will be
your lucky day, healthier and happier than the day before.


– 3/4 cup coconut milk (full fat can or from a box) or almond milk, or spring water
– ¼- ½ avocado , peeled and pitted
– 1 large handful fresh baby spinach
– 2-3 drops food grade organic peppermint essential oil or to taste, OR 1/8 teaspoon pure peppermint extract, it’s strong, add more to taste if you desire.
– 5 Medjool dates , pitted OR if you’re off sugar, you can add liquid stevia (I prefer vanilla or peppermint flavor for this recipe), start with 3 drops and work up your desired sweetness.
– 1 to 2 large handfuls of ice

– Add 2 Tablespoons raw cacao powder to make it a Chocolate Mint Green smoothie
– Add ½ teaspoon spirulina or chlorella
– Add a handful of raw kale (note if you have thyroid issues, avoid this as it can slow thyroid
– Add a banana, especially if you don’t use the dates, unless you’re totally off sugar
– If you are sensitive to avocados, you can replace with a spoonful of nut butter. Almond butter is
the best in my opinion.

– 1 scoop unflavored collagen for added protein and beautiful skin and hair.
– Fresh sprig of mint as a garnish


1. In a blender (Vitamix is optimal), combine the coconut or almond milk, avocado, spinach, peppermint extract, and dates and blend until smooth. Taste and adjust the flavoring as needed. Consider that the flavor will be diluted slightly when you add the ice in the next step.

2. Add the ice in small batches to gauge thickness, and blend again, until the smoothie is as thick as you’d like.

3. Serve immediately. You can garnish with a fresh sprig of mint.

Buen Provecho!