When I began my career in healthcare I studied Western medicine and deeply appreciate the technology, testing, and life-saving procedures they offer. However, I learned it simply doesn’t offer the right support for a long, vibrant and healthy life. That is why I would like to offer you a few reasons on why you deserve an alternative healthcare provider.

Did you know that most alternative healthcare professionals are actually trained in a holistic approach to medicine and healing? Most Western trained doctors, on the other hand, specialize in a body system or procedure and don’t know how to connect the dots of all your lovely body parts.

If I have a broken bone that is sticking out of my hand, I want a specialized hand surgeon to repair it. But if I want lasting vibrant health, I want a healthcare provider who knows how to connect the dots, understands how every system of my body is affected by every other system, and who looks at my nutrition and lifestyle. It’s a real science to understand how everything is connected and working together, it’s not “woo woo” medicine.

When you are diagnosed with a disease, you get several referrals to different types of specialists, usually an average of five. The reason you need five is because the gastrointestinal doc doesn’t know what the cardiologist is doing, nor the neurologist, nor the nephrologist, etc. They may speak briefly if you’re lucky, but they have no comprehensive understanding or practice in putting it all together for you. They treat the body like a machine, identifying parts that aren’t working, by either cutting them out or medicating to mask symptoms, rather than honoring the interconnection and interdependence between every cell and system in your body.

My dear mom is the perfect example, she has early-stage Alzheimer’s and sees a neurologist. She also has diabetes, so she sees another doctor for that, plus a foot specialist for a slow healing wound on her toe. She also sees a cardiologist because she had a heart attack due to the diabetes and being a past smoker. She has most recently been referred to a gastrointestinal doctor for abdominal pain and diarrhea, which she’s had her entire life. Not one of her doctors has ever spoken to her about the importance of whole food nutrition, movement, breathing or a healthy lifestyle. If her blood sugar increases because she is carb-loading or eating sugar then she is instructed to increase her insulin. If her blood sugar drops to near normal and she begins to feel shaky, the doctor instructed her to eat sugar, suck on candy, or drink juice. This is common practice in the Western medical model, but it isn’t offering vibrant health, in fact, it’s doing more damage.

Remember the children’s song… “The foot bone’s connected to the ankle bone, the ankle bone’s connected to the leg bone, the leg bone’s connected to the hip bone…”  The same could be sung about the systems in the body as well. The nervous system is connected to the endocrine system, the endocrine system is connected to the immune system, the immune system is connected to the lymphatic system and so on. The Western medical model compartmentalizes the body, it’s systems, organs, and functions, while most alternative healthcare practitioners have been educated on how everything is connected and interdependent, influencing every other system or organ.

If you want lasting vibrant health then you deserve an alternative healthcare provider who is licensed and well-educated. Unfortunately some people may “hang their shingle” out but not have any solid education or credentials, so be an informed consumer. Find someone you trust, who works with you to improve your health and well-being. Notice how they connect the dots between your nutrition and lifestyle (i.e. sleep, exercise, habits, stresses, thought patterns),  symptoms and root causes of imbalances.

Below is a list of various kinds of Alternative Healthcare providers (not in any particular order):

  • Acupuncturist
  • Naturopathic doctor
  • Doctor of Osteopathy
  • Chiropractor
  • Massage therapist
  • CranioSacral therapist
  • Eye movement desensitization reprocessing therapist
  • Family Constellation practitioner
  • Neural therapy specialist (often a naturopath or acupuncturist-in certain states)
  • Herbalist
  • Homeopath
  • Midwife

A comprehensive and holistic approach to your body, mind, and spirit leads to much better outcomes. I never tell people I can “cure” an illness or disease, but it happens all the time. This is because I’ve been trained in a natural approach to health and healing that allows the body to do what it’s been designed to do – that is to heal and be whole. I used to joke that I’m the “One Stop Health Shop” because I offer such a unique blend of modalities that eliminates your need to go from one doctor or healthcare provider to the next in order to get truly comprehensive care. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE working on a team of healthcare providers, when it’s in the best interest of the patient. And I also like to save you the time, money and the hassle of going from doctor to doctor. I believe you deserve excellent results, and if you’re not getting them, then consider finding an alternative and holistic healthcare practitioner who will listen, honor, empower, and support you to heal on all levels.

Blessings of Vibrant Health,

Kristin Grayce McGary

Health and Lifestyle Alchemist