I will begin with my preferred definition of a Health & Lifestyle Alchemist: The transformation of pain and suffering into awareness and freedom through a unique process of transmutation by using symptoms and stressors in the body, mind, and life to inform a creative and emerging therapeutic process that cultivates vibrant health and lasting well being.

I’m a Health and Lifestyle Alchemist. Over the last 20 years I’ve studied and offered multitudes of holistic therapeutic modalities. A few of my credentials are as follows – I’m licensed nationally (and in two states) as an acupuncturist, certified in functional medicine, certified in advanced craniosacral therapy, LifeLine technique practitioner and educator, homeopath, neural therapist, and I sit on the board of the state association of acupuncture in Colorado. I’ve noticed very serious gaps in thinking about and the implementation of “holistic healthcare modalities.” I’ve come to understand that having valid healthcare practitioner credentials alone isn’t enough. The same holds true in Western medicine, attending and graduating from a medical program doesn’t mean you’re a good doctor. For this reason I’ve coined the term Health and Lifestyle Alchemist.

This definition most closely defines what I offer, which explains the seemingly magical results and experiences that my patients undergo during their therapeutic transformation. If credentials aren’t enough, then what is? This is where the alchemy begins. I have spent my life, often unbeknownst to me, developing a unique set of skills that meet you exactly where you’re at and guide you to where you want to be in your health and life. I’m not the healer, you are. I’m your alchemical guide acutely listening to your body, mind and spirit, responding to their requests, inquiries and directions, while teaching you to do the same.

I want to reassure you that it’s a joyful mixture of work and play. Change and transformation have gotten a bad rap – you may notice a sense of dread when you think about changing your nutrition, habits, and lifestyle. You may cringe at the notion of “giving something up.” I understand because I’ve worked with hundreds of people who felt this way about certain things. What you may not have heard or come to understand yet is that you are gaining a whole new you and this comes with incredible gifts and pleasures. The few things you may be inspired to drop will be replaced by incredibly rewarding feelings, foods, and experiences that will blow the old stuff out of the water. Our brains and minds trick us into clinging to the old because it’s familiar, but if you hang in there, rewire your brain and change your mind while allowing your body to heal, then you will joyfully reap the benefits of a healthier and happier you. Next, the celebration of your vibrant and thriving nature begins and I’ll be with you cheering you on.

Please come back next week for part two of this article where I dig deeper into ways I acknowledge and help people in my role as a Health & Lifestyle Alchemist.

Blessings of Vibrant Health,

Kristin Grayce McGary

Health and Lifestyle Alchemist