On my own healing journey I’ve discovered specific things that directly support the healing process in everyone. It’s true that healing is as individual as every person and yet there are several key factors that are universal and help speed up and complete the healing process. I’d like to share five main keys for healing that will ensure you regain vibrant health as quickly as possible.

Key #1Courage: It takes courage to explore the deeper roots of why you have a symptom, imbalance, or even a diagnosed disease. It requires courage to ask questions, advocate for yourself in the current Western medical modal of “sick-care.” It takes courage to not settle for quick-fix, symptomatic treatments, and to go deeper into yourself and explore the aspects of your unconscious that are using your symptoms to help keep a part of you safe long after the threat is gone. It requires courage to explore unknown territory of “alternative,” integrative, holistic, and comprehensive healthcare when you’ve likely not been exposed to much.  This level of courage is required for complete healing and to get to the root of your challenges – it’s worth it. It may not always be easy, you may notice resistance, confusion, sadness, and even fear. However, working with and through it will build you up in a powerful way that will positively impact your ability to fully heal.

Key #2Clarity: Getting clear is important when you’re on the path of healing. Getting clear requires exploration of options. Your clarity will be your own, no one can give it to you and it’s something you must discover for yourself. It’s necessary to listen and feel into both internal clues and reactions, as well as external information. You may have several options in discovering the root of a symptom or imbalance, just as you may have many options for treatment (conventional and non-conventional). Getting clear inside of yourself is vital regardless of what anyone else tells you. I’ve known patients who had cancer and decided against natural remedies, and I’ve worked with others who refused the conventional cancer treatments. I had no judgment either way. The most important point was that they had all the information so they could find clarity inside of themselves. That leads to our next Key – Choice.

Key #3Choice: When you’re an informed consumer you have a real choice in what you do, buy, consume, and how you do so. Knowledge is power and without it, it’s more difficult to make an appropriate choice for your body, mind, spirit and individual situation. It’s your body, so it’s your choice. I can make recommendations, your physician can offer suggestions and treatment options, but ultimately, it’s your choice. Knowing this and not relegating your power to some seeming medical authority is an important piece of being empowered in your unique healing journey. I’m not attached to your choices. I just want you to get crystal clear and make a choice based on  information, your own intuition, and what feels best for your highest good. I understand that there may be medical, family, and social pressures to choose a certain test or treatment option. Please remember that it’s your choice and you must live with it, so make certain it’s yours. Of course, you will likely take other’s desires, information, and feelings into account, but at the end of the day, it’s your body and your choice.

Key #4Compassion: I believe this is one of the most overlooked keys of healing. Compassion for yourself is incredibly important, not just around healing but always and in all ways. No one is perfect. Loving the vulnerable, fragile, and even fearful side of yourself is important for you to heal. Holding yourself in the light of compassion, void of judgment, full of forgiveness and love is truly empowering and freeing. And I want this for you!  If you make a mistake and dislike a treatment choice, or a doctor’s recommendation, beating yourself up for it certainly won’t change it or help you. Please have compassion for yourself, you’re doing your very best with the tools you have and you’re gaining new tools and growing all the time. Self-hatred, fear, judgment, high levels of stress associated with self-loathing all lead to a worsening or even new health issues, such as inflammation and autoimmunity to name a few..

Key #5Commitment: This final key is essential for your successful and comprehensive healing. You must be committed to yourself, your healing, and an successful outcome. If you doubt for too long then you will waiver and the old patterns that influenced illness or imbalance will arise and may thwart your healing. Being committed to your own healing means you do everything you can, you explore every option, you ask questions and advocate for yourself. It means you don’t give up when you receive a diagnosis that scares you or seems hopeless. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia about 19 years ago. I was told I would have it forever, and there was no cure. I refused to accept that answer because my commitment to myself was greater than that diagnosis – I completely healed myself within 2 years.  It takes commitment to go against the grain, the social norm for treating a particular diagnosis, or against what a healthcare provider may stamp on your forehead as a diagnosis.  I understand not everyone is meant to have a cure, but everyone can heal. (Read my blog on “Healing vs. Curing” to learn more about this issue).  Years ago when I had thyroid issues, I went undiagnosed and misdiagnosed for years, thank goodness I didn’t give up. I was committed to getting to the root and healing, and so I have. I’m not God, and neither is your doctor, but please don’t give your power away. Your body is designed to heal and be whole. You’re capable of incredible healing – stay committed to yourself, your health, your mind, body, and spirit.

The 5 C’s to successful healing are necessary to support and ensure your successful outcome of vibrant health. Regardless of where you are on your healing journey (a diagnosed disease, random symptoms, or acting preventatively) these keys can be used in every area of your life from health to relationships, money, and career.  Please implement them and enjoy the well-rounded approach to healing and living your best life.

Blessings of Vibrant Health,

Kristin Grayce