Suggested Interview Questions

1. How does your view of illness differ from that of your conventional counterpart, a western medical physician?


2. You say there’s a difference between “dirty keto,” standard keto, and keto for gut health. Can you elaborate?


3. How can people get started in turning their health around? What’s the best first step?


4. How does gut health relate to our overall experience of wellness in the body and mind?


5. What do you mean by functional blood chemistry analysis? How is this different from standard lab testing?


6. Many people experience physical pain such as back, knees, migraines etc. What’s your best strategy for dealing with pain?


7. Why is the gut sometimes called the body’s “second brain”?


8. What is the connection between the gut and the rising epidemic of autoimmune issues and what can we do to stay healthy?


9. You’ve written about the dangers of dairy and yet we’ve been inundated with dairy slogans that promote it as a health food. What’s the real truth?


10. Tell us a little bit about the role sugar plays in deteriorating health and disease.


11. What is it that is missing from standard bloodwork labs? What do you see and share with patients that they might not be aware of otherwise?


12. You’ve mastered dozens of modalities in support of helping your patients achieve optimal health. How have your studies and own healing journey helped you to gain a clearer picture of an individual’s unique needs?