Last week we discussed the idea of detoxing and went over some important mistakes that people make when they aren’t properly educated. Now that you know the five most common mistakes people make, let’s discuss in detail some tips of what to do when detoxing.

Detox Tip #1: Plan ahead. If you’re really going to do a cleanse, then do it safely and effectively. Plan out your days and evenings. This means making food ahead of time, or purchasing your juicing veggies and bone broth ahead of time. Let your holistic healthcare practitioner know about your desire to cleanse and ask their opinion. Make an appointment for a Lymphatic drainage session, acupuncture, and visceral manipulation to support your organs, glands, and meridians. Clear your schedule of any loud concerts or trips to a busy mall during your cleanse. It’s important to give yourself time and space to allow your body to do its job properly. Overstimulating your nervous system along with added stress isn’t a good idea.

Detox Tip #2: Get extra rest. Your body heals more when it’s sleeping. Plan on getting to bed early during your cleanse as well as right after. Don’t push yourself to stay up and work late or go to a party.

Detox Tip #3: Detoxify your mind as well as your body and environment. Do your best to stay off social media, no TV, and disengage from gossip and superficial social niceties. Let your close family and friends know you’re doing a cleanse and you’d like support in holding a container of love, peace, and ease during your cleansing time. Take time to begin a prayer or meditation practice. Begin with 10 minutes 2 times/day. Focus on your breath, inhale for a count of 7-10 and exhale for a count of 7-10. Slow it down. When your mind wanders, which it is bound to do, gently bring it back to focus on your breath, or you can focus on a picture, a flower, or a candle. Continue this practice even after you’ve completed your cleanse. Meditation has been proven to decrease stress hormones and inflammation in the body.

Detox Tip #4: Drink spring water. During a cleanse, whether you’re taking supplements or juicing, make sure you’re drinking plenty of spring water. Consider using bone broth and only healthy, non-sugary liquids. Consider a soup fast, keeping it light, with veggies or juicing veggies in a Vitamix so the fiber remains. The green juice will be thick, and you could consider straining half the fiber out to help get it down.

Detox Tip #5: Far infrared saunas. These saunas are an incredible way to assist in your detoxification. Find one in your area at a spa or a healthcare provider’s office. I have a 4 person infrared sauna that I used to allow my patients to use for free. The research is sound – they help you detox from heavy metals as well as stimulating immune function and increasing your metabolism. I recommend 20-40 minutes, 3 times/ week for two weeks, at a high temperature. Drink plenty of spring water and replace electrolyte loss with liquid Trace Minerals by Trace Minerals company (10-20 drops mixed with water) after each session.

Detox Tip #6: Get off stimulants. Remove coffee, soda, tea, mate and chocolate – your adrenals and digestive system will thank you. Even if you consume “organic” coffee, its processing causes it to be carcinogenic, yes cancer causing. Dr. Bruce Ames found 20-200 carcinogens in a single cup of coffee.

Detox Tip #7: Ending your fast. Bringing a close to your fast or cleanse is just as important as the cleanse itself. Don’t hurry to eat a huge meal right away. Transition slowly to solid foods, chew well, and consume small portions. If you’ve been fasting, I recommend gently moving to bone broth, then soup, perhaps a green juice or smoothie first. Continue to drink lots of spring water and sleep a little extra as well as keeping your stress levels as low as possible.

Bonus information: My Favorite Key Supplements

  • Triphala, pure Aloe Vera juice, Magnesium Calm (I like raspberry lemon flavor) – these move bowels and cleanse you gently.
  • Milk Thistle seeds aka Silymarin, yellow dock root, and Dandelion for your Liver
    Globe Artichoke for Gall Bladder
    Livatrex is a combination of herbs in tincture form (liquid) that is excellent for liver and gall bladder cleansing
  • Red clover, Cleavers, and Manjistha are all herbs for cleansing the lymphatic system. Rebounding or jumping on a special lymphatic trampoline also gets your lymph moving, as well as manual lymph drainage.

Enjoy Spring Cleaning your Body & Mind!

Blessings of Vibrant Health,

Kristin Grayce McGary

Health & Lifestyle Alchemist