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$14,000 USD

Each day in the beautiful sanctuary of Synergida is carefully designed with a balance of guided playful exploration, relaxation and rejuvenation. Your senses will be tantalized as you experience a complete waterfall rebirthing, sacred cacao meditations, detoxifying jungle mud baths and luscious fruit from the orchard. You will flow in connection with the elements around you and be taken on unique journeys of release, surrender and self-discovery. Frolic in the refreshing rivers and eat master-chef prepared nourishing meals as well as healthful desserts that will leave you feeling satiated both physically and emotionally.

Kristin Grayce will work with you individually and in powerfully transformative groups. You will discover your blocks to thriving and completely release them while being bathed in the enchanting sounds of tuning forks and singing bowls. Prepare to set your intentions in a unique way that will empower your profound transformation leading to greater freedom, success, peace, vibrant health… and so much more! Kristin Grayce will guide you to identify and release that which no longer serves you, that which disconnects you from your brilliance and your source of lasting vibrant energy. Join us to experience the fullness of love and magic at Synergida.


Reasons to Retreat:

  • Do you feel pulled in many directions with moments of overwhelm?
  • Do you feel you’re doing too much, and no one is really caring for you?
  • Is your body out of alignment with your purpose? (Hint: Do you have symptoms of imbalances or dis-ease?!)
  • Do you have annoying physical symptoms? (i.e., weight gain, hormone imbalance, achy joints, headaches, gas and bloating, fatigue, emotional ups and downs, trouble sleeping, inflammation)
  • Are you often pushing yourself?
  • Do you have secret melt-downs that you hide because you’re holding-together so much?
  • Are you on a mission to make the world a better place?

Kristin Grayce McGary LAc., MAc., CFMP®, CSTcert, CLP is an internationally recognized health and lifestyle expert and authority on autoimmunity, functional blood chemistry analysis, thyroid & gut health, family wellness, extreme exhaustion, food as medicine and integrating mind, body and spirit in healthcare.
Kristin Grayce is renowned for her ability to help successful women leaders who feel alone, exhausted, and pulled in many directions to identify and resolve root imbalances, regain lasting energy, and live with clarity and vitality. She empowers you to feel juicy in your body, revitalize and reconnect to your brilliant self so you can fulfill your mission of sharing your gifts with the world.


Doing a 4-day VIP transformational retreat with Kristin Grayce was the best thing I could have ever done for my physical, mental and spiritual health… I am consistently eating healthier, lost 2 sizes, have a new positive attitude and feel a sense of freedom. People keep asking what I am doing differently with my skin as it looks healthy and smooth.

Moriah W., California

My personal experience of working with Kristin was a very positive one. I felt that I was working with someone who has great knowledge as a healer, but also a level of wisdom and compassion that is uncommon. I highly recommend her as a healer and an advisor

Ariel Policano, ND

Her energy and focus, dedication and inner divinity gifts one’s heart with love.  Eating her chocolate is literally enjoying the taste of Love itself. Kristin is a divine chocolate Angel!

GBS, Australia

I trust her with my life! She helped me to develop a deeper presence and awareness of my body and energy while strengthening my intuition. My friends and family benefit too because they get to eat all the yummy recipes I have learned from Kristin; people beg for her raw German chocolate cake! Kristin’s divine work helped me to be empowered and create a life filled with infinite love and gratitude.

Emily Davalos, Arizona


Room is included in the investment for the retreat. The master suites and junior master suites are first come first serve and private. The other suites are shared with one other person. Each room has a private bathroom.


Fresh food catered to this healthy and revitalizing retreat experience will be provided by our well-trained chef and is included.


Airplane tickets are not included. You will fly into San Jose, Costa Rica and then proceed to San Isidro. It is recommended that you fly in on October 28th, arriving in the morning in San Jose and depart on November 3rd from San Isidro via Sansa Air on to your final destination.


Once in San Jose you can then either take a private plane with two other participants to a near-by landing pad about 10 minutes from Synergida, or you can take a comfortable van ride to Synergida. It’s approximately a 4-5 hour van ride with a short bathroom break stop midway. We will book what works best for your budget.

Come Join Us!

October 28November 3