I know what it’s like to feel exhausted and have mysterious symptoms that come and go but no doctor really has the answers. Most of them threw up their arms, told me to see a shrink, and take some pills to help with the pain which caused tons of side effects, like gaining 30 lbs! Have you been there and done that with your healthcare? You may have tried medications, supplements, going from doctor to doctor trying to find answers, and even changing your diet but with little or no lasting results. Symptoms come back, things stop working, and you’re left to survive rather than thrive. This approach just skims the surface and will never get you really healthy. Do you believe you’ve tried everything but nothing really got to the root of why you don’t feel vibrant?

Well, the answers are in three simple details that everyone misses!

Keep reading to find out the 3 missing key details to getting your health and life back! Been there, done that healthcare didn’t serve me, and it likely isn’t serving you. I know it can be frustrating to go from doctor to doctor trying to get answers. You’ve likely spent thousands of dollars and just as many hours trying to feel better. I know you don’t want to wake up feeling exhausted or have mysterious symptoms that come and go leaving you feeling limited in your life. I’ve been there with a previous diagnosis of fibromyalgia and an autoimmune disease, but I got to the root and healed – you can too. As a Health and Lifestyle Alchemist, I pay attention to details that your doctors don’t have time to learn about. I’ve met countless naturopathic doctors who have wonderful intentions but lack training in their attention to details. I love my natural doctor colleagues and they can help many people, but if you’re not getting lasting results, it’s time to take a deeper dive into the roots of your symptoms. After more than 20 years of education and practice I’ve developed a real skill for finding the missing link, connecting the dots for you that no one else could identify, and paying attention to the details that most others fail to see.

The Healing is in the Details

Detail #1: A Detailed Interview

When I first meet with you as a patient, I spend at least 2 hours speaking with you to discover the details of you, your health, life, relationships, patterns, and beliefs. I want to know about your body care products, your environment, what you eat, how you eat, what are your passions, how’s your sex life, and much much more. These are details about your health and well-being that are imperative in finding out what your body, mind, and spirit need in order to fully heal and thrive.

Detail #2: A Comprehensive Lab Analysis

It’s true that your Western doctor may order the absolute minimal lab for you during an annual exam – this is all insurance will pay for, and all they are trained to order and interpret. Your naturopathic doctor may order a page or two of what they think is a comprehensive lab panel, but interpret it according to the standard reference ranges, which are based on ill people, not healthy ones. I believe you deserve better. You’re likely not really getting the full picture. The details of your biochemistry can be found in a truly comprehensive lab panel (about 5 pages, 68 biomarkers and a urinalysis). I want to see this so I can put all the pieces of your brilliant health puzzle together for you. No one lab marker gives me all of the answers, it’s how they all fit together that’s most important. This comprehensive panel gives me both an over view and a detailed view of your health, that leads to appropriate recommendations, instead of cook-book protocol advice.

Detail #3: Individualized and Comprehensive Care

Western physicians and even naturopathic doctors are often bound by a “standard of care,” which means they treat you with a cookie-cutter approach, even if they are using natural supplements. Standards of care treat everyone the same and only address the symptoms, not the root causes of dis-eases and imbalances. Personalizing care is an extremely important detail that is often overlooked, undervalued, and misunderstood. You’re physiology, biochemistry, how your tissues hold tension or trauma, and emotional expressions and triggers are unique and deserve individualized attention. What works for someone else, may not be what you need. I honor that everything has a source and is interconnected. I also identify the details that make the difference in your health and well-being.

I encourage you to pay attention to the details of your life and health such as: symptoms (when did it begin, what was happening in your life, when does it recur?), stressors, joys, emotional triggers, food cravings, eating habits, relationship habits, what you desire, the things that repel you and the things that draw you in, what feeds your bliss, to name a few. Getting these answers could unlock the code to your unique health and well-being. Notice if your doctor or healthcare provider is getting to the root issues, or just using a band aid approach. Quick fixes are helpful, but they won’t solve the problem.

Don’t settle for the “been there, done that” approach. Dive deeper and pay attention to the details. Please join me on Social Media for Health Tips, Recipes, and Empowerment.

Blessings of Vibrant Health,

Kristin Grayce McGary
Health and Lifestyle Alchemist