Paleo and Primal

Paleo and Primal diets are based on the premise that our ancestors didn’t eat processed foods and grains so we aren’t genetically designed to do so either. Eating Paleo or Primal has many benefits but may not work for everyone. Our paleolithic ancestors got a few things right when they consumed:

  • three times more produce than the typical American,
  • more fiber,
  • more protein,
  • more omega-3 fatty acids,
  • more unsaturated fat,
  • more vitamins and minerals,
  • and much less saturated fat and sodium

Our ancestors faced other challenges but they had much better habits around food and lifestyle than we do today.
Unfortunately people in the US have adopted very poor nutritional habits, that are very high in unhealthy calories, from which they are currently suffering.

  • grain-based desserts loaded with sugar (cake, cookies, etc.),
  • yeast breads,
  • chicken-based dishes (Grain and soy fed, feed-lot, and fried)
  • sweetened beverages,
  • pizza,
  • and alcoholic drinks.
    These are furthest from what our ancestors ate and most could hardly be considered food.
    Meanwhile, obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases have dramatically increasedover the past 50 years.


Avoid dairy
Avoid saturated fats
Discourage soy
Don’t consume legumes


Raw and fermented dairy
Saturated fats Allowed
Enjoy fermented soy
Occasionally enjoy legumes