I understand the media is really causing a lot of fear around the coronavirus. And it’s important to remember that 60,000-80,000 American people die each year from the flu. It can feel scary, but if you keep your immune system strong and stay smart, then you’re much more likely to either avoid the virus, or fight it off successfully. 

The best we can do right now is isolate ourselves. It’s our responsibility to ourselves, family, community, and the world to take this seriously.

It’s likely that 40-80% of the population will get Coronavirus, but we need to slow down the spread so that the healthcare industry isn’t overwhelmed and can respond appropriately with enough equipment, beds, care, and medication.

Many things are out of our control, but we can isolate. And we can have heavy duty antiviral supplements on hand to ease symptoms while strengthening our systems.

The high likelihood of contracting it has caused me to dive into what we can do if and when we become ill. 

I wanted to give you my powerful antiviral, arse-kicking recommendations to help you stay strong.

I have some cool things to share with you. Many viruses help make biofilms and bacteria also live in them. These are little protective environments around the bacteria or virus, intended to shelter and feed it. The plaque on your teeth is a great example of a biofilm. They are everywhere, including your sinks, countertops, and in nature. They aren’t all bad, but we need to break them up in order to kill certain bacteria and viruses.

Viruses are smaller than bacteria. They can hijack a cell and then turn it into a viral replicating machine. We need to help the immune system recognize this and go after them properly. 

Signs and Symptoms of COVID-19

  • Fever
  • Body aches and pains
  • Fatigue
  • A dry cough

Some people will have few to no symptoms but can still spread the virus. Now what to do about it? If you need medical help, then please seek it! If you are young and strong and have a mild case, self-quarantine for 2 weeks. Some states and countries are offering free testing, others don’t have access to test kits. 


Andrographis (Chuan Xin Lian in Asian herbology) is an herb that was successfully used to treat SARS (a sister to COVID-19). It can be taken for months safely. 

Artemisia annua – sweet wormwood has been shown to have strong antiviral properties and can be taken with Andrographis.

Propolis – a powerful antiviral

Licorice – has been shown to slow or stop viral replication.

Elderberry – has been shown to decrease duration and intensity of flu virus

Echinacea – has been shown to stimulate immune function and has antiviral properties against colds and flu. A good echinacea will cause your tongue to become numb and tingly for a short time.

Calendula – has been shown to have strong antiviral properties

Scutallaria (skullcap or Huang qin in Asian medicine) – has been shown to have strong antiviral properties.

Garlic (allicin) – high potency, I prefer pills. Garlic has been shown to have antimicrobial actions, but has not been tested on COVID-19.

Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt suggests making a cocktail of calendula, licorice, scutallaria, rosemary, andrographis, artemisia, and dandelion, along with Vitamin C.


Vitamin C, liposomal is best. I prefer Quicksilver Scientifics. Take 2000 mg a day. This product is Not to be taken with food for 20 minutes. If you only have access to powdered vitamin c then take it. You may eventually get tummy upset and diarrhea, so then cut back on it. Store liposomals in fridge. 

IV vitamin c is best. Some research shows that if infected, get IV Vitamin C  for 3 days in a row and symptoms greatly diminish.

Glutathione, liposomal is best. I prefer Quicksilver Scientifics. Take 4 pumps 1x day, can be taken with Vit. C above, not with food for 20 minutes. Store in fridge

Humacel – a powerful antiviral, prevention take 2, 1x day. If infected take 2, as soon as you have symptoms and then 1-2 capsules 3-4x day.

Zinc – liquid by Trace minerals brand, and or zinc chewables. Zinc is known to help with immune function.

Probiotics – Take a professional product and space it at least 3 hours away from antiviral herbs or pharmaceuticals. I like Klaire lab, you can find their products here.

Other Antivirals

Mushrooms like Reishi, Chaga, Lion’s mane, Cordyceps, and Maitake are a few favorites. They really stimulate your immune system and have antiviral properties. I add powdered ones to my green drinks. 

Ozone – When used in IVs, mixed with your own blood and ozone and put back into your vein can really help kill the bad bugs

Colloidal Silver 500 ppm (anything less is not strong enough) – I like Natural Path Silver Wings; take 10 drops 3x day. This can also be nebulized for lung infections.  It’s excellent when sprayed on throat for all throat infections, including strep.

Lauricidin – a powerful antiviral, start taking it slowly, a few small grains at a time and work up according to the directions on the jar. If you don’t have strong reactions, work up to 1 scoop 2-3x day. Take with food.

Enzyme to break up biofilms: Serripeptidase, nanokinase, and lumbrokinase. Must be taken without food for at least 1 hour. Followed by antiviral herbs and or medications.

Binders like Chlorella, Charcoal pills, chia and flax seeds and meal, and Zeolite (beware of brands that contain aluminum-not good). Binders help mop up toxins from die off as well as chemical and heavy metal detoxification.

Homeopathic antivirals

Engystol and Gripp-Heel are two homeopathic combination remedies that are quite effective in treating viral flu infections. Do not take with food or around brushing teeth, and no coffee. If infected: Take 1 tab and suck on it, every hour until symptoms either get worse or better, often several doses (4-6). Then cut back to taking 1 tab 3-4x day.  You can take them both. I’m inclined to take Engystol first.

Pharmaceuticals: According to Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, a trusted brilliant physician whom I continue to learn from, there are a few medications that may prove beneficial.  If infected, talk to your doctor about taking Allinia 1000 mg 2x day for 10 days. Or Choroquin phosphate 500mg 2x day for 10 days. 

Wipe down surfaces with Hypochloris acid HOCL 0.02%-Brioteach topical skin spray works well and can even be sprayed on the skin and face if you have an exposure. You can also make a strong solution of vinegar and essential oil of thyme, oregano and orange to clean surfaces and door knobs. 

Far Infrared Sauna: This therapeutic sauna help boost immune function as well as killing the virus, which can’t survive in very hot temperatures. I recommend a sauna 2x week, drink plenty of water and consider adding in electrolytes to replenish after a heavy sweat.

Essential Oils

On-Guard by doTerra: Apply to chest (over your thymus), throat area, and bottoms of feet 1-2x day as a preventative or when you get sick.

Gargle with On-Guard mouthwash mixed with warm salt water 1-2 x day as preventative as well as to treat sore throat, or to avoid infection if you have an exposure.

Thieves Oil by Young Living: Similar to On-Guard, some people have a preference of one or the other.

Frankincense and Myrrh: Apply to your chest and or bottom of feet, and diffuse in an essential oil diffuser.

Breathe by doTerra: Is excellent on chest and back for cough and trouble breathing

Eucalyptus: Stimulates your immune system. It’s excellent on chest and back, add to a little coconut oil to avoid too much burning sensation on your skin. Great for breathing challenges.

Peppermint: Is excellent on chest and back as well as a 1-2 drops in warm water (sipping) to help open airways. (it’s very strong so use only 1-2 drops)

Oil of Oregano: Can be taken in capsule form. Excellent as an antiviral but there isn’t any research on its effects against COVID-19. I’ve also added a drop to warm salt water and gargled. It tastes yucky but really works. 

Food As Medicine

What you eat directly impacts your immune system and how you’ll fare if you get sick, how quickly you will recover, and how frequently in which you will get sick. Having a fever and getting sick isn’t bad, although it can feel uncomfortable. It’s actually a good work out for your immune system. The problem is that people take things that can suppress immune function and increase the duration of illness, such as acetaminophen. 

First let’s get the Avoid list out of the way!

Avoid These

Sugar: shown to cause certain aspects of your immune system to get sluggish and not do their job. Sugars include natural ones like honey, agave, and maple syrup (see below for alternatives)

Alcohol: show to decrease immune function, leaving your more vulnerable to infection.

Dairy including milk, cheese, yogurt: shown to cause immune dysregulation, inflammation, and excess mucus, all leaving you more prone to illness.

Gluten: goo food that causes inflammation all over your body, including your gut, the throne of your immune function. 

Artificial sweeteners: causes more toxic load on your body and brain, impacting immune function.

Enjoy These

Leafy green veggies: full of plant-based nutrients to give you the micronutrients you need for tissue repair. Examples: Kale, collards, broccoli, arugula, spinach, mustard greens, dandelion greens, chard, beet greens. I add a dash of Coconut Aminos after they are cooked, yummy!

Organic lemon squeezed in warm water: high in vitamin c. Only use 2 weeks out of each month so the acid doesn’t hurt the enamel on your teeth

Camu Camu: I add this powder to my green drink. It’s an Amazonia fruit that is very high in bioavailable vitamin c. I get it online from Sunburst Super Foods.

Chlorella tablets or powder in your green drinks. This supports your blood, brain, hormones, and immune system.

Natural sugar alternatives: pure monk fruit, bochasweet, stevia

Acai powder or frozen fruit without sugar: A great antioxidant

Intermittent fasting: If your blood sugar is stable go for 16-24 hours without food, only water and tea. This can be a great reset for your immune system!

Psychosomatic Perspective

Yes, it’s a physical virus and I am also a psychosomatic therapist and can’t withhold the importance of exploring the deeper mind, body, spirit connection with you. Take a moment and consider any emotions or thoughts you may have that feel viral in nature. They may highjack your brain, body, and behaviors, just like a virus hijacks a cell. Do you have any emotions, thoughts, beliefs, or habits that are making you “sick”? You may notice if something is causing you stress or if you are constantly mulling it over in your mind. You may feel nauseated with a certain thought about someone or a situation, or you may get a stress headache. These emotions and beliefs are literally impacting your physical body. 

This pandemic virus is playing out in an interesting way. Since this is so widespread, I believe we must also contemplate the larger implications of racism, hate, bigotry, homophobia, rape, rampant sexual abuse of children, drug and alcohol abuse, and all forms of violence. To me, these seem like viruses in our society. 

We have an incredible opportunity to learn from this virus outbreak, take time to reflect on our lives, our habits, our values, and further elevate our consciousness. We can then put what we’ve learned into practice and help make the world a better place.  Are you with me? Together we can have a huge impact!

I’m here for you. I’ll continue to do Facebook Live videos to answer your health and life questions and concerns. If you’d prefer a more individualized connection, feel free to fill out my Optimal Wellness Consultation form here. 

Blessings of Vibrant Health,

Kristin Grayce LAc, MAc, CFMP(R), CST-T, CLP

Health and Lifestyle Alchemist