Last week we discussed mindset and vision for creating a change in your life and empowering you to experience optimal health and a vibrant lifestyle in the weeks and years to come. Today we’re going to practice the art of intention setting.

Setting Intentions for the New Year and Beyond

Let’s begin by setting an intention for today, this week, this month or for the New Year – you choose which one. Most people use the word “wish, want, or desire” when creating an intention but this just keeps you wishing, wanting, or desiring something you don’t already have. I’m going to teach you a very simple way to create a much clearer and more powerful intention.

Set an intention about where you are going as if you are already there (this is one of my favorite parts of the Lifeline Technique).

Put just one word into this statement “I am ___________.” Envision yourself as what you intend – happy, healthy, wealthy, free etc., and fill in the blank. Do not use words like “pain-free, debt-free”.  [Note: If you are using the word “peaceful”, double check and ask yourself if you’re using this word because you are currently feeling stress or anxiety. In this case, imagine you are already at peace. Then ask, What/Who am I?]

Fill in “I am __________.” Again, you don’t want to pick a word that sounds like you are pushing away what you are currently feeling and being. Rather imagine you are already whole, happy and healed. Then ask, What am I? The last step is to imagine that you are this word you used to fill in the “I am” statement.

Imagine it in every aspect of your life, day in and day out, you are ________.  Imagine that you inspire others to also feel and be this way. Using your imagination, how does it cause you to feel emotionally, knowing this to be true? It should be a positive emotion. Your intention is “I am__________, feeling _________.”

Blessings of infinite love and gratitude to you as you step into this new way of being and living.
Congratulations  ~ you just set your first intention!

I mentioned this last week also, but it’s worth mentioning again – as we move forward in 2019 I will define what “lifestyle” really means (and it’s more than you think)! I will explain what “health” really is (it’s probably not what you’ve been taught). As we go through the new year each piece of the transformation puzzle will be revealed and you will learn how to put it all together so you can finally experience optimal health and a vibrant life.

Blessings of Vibrant Health,

Kristin Grayce McGary
Health and Lifestyle Alchemist