As promised last week I have three more incredibly important reasons for not having Google be your go-to for medical advice – it can be truly dangerous. I’ve seen misinformed patients suffer due to misdiagnosing themselves or by taking the wrong supplement in the wrong dosage and I don’t want this to happen to you. It can be frustrating to struggle with symptoms and lack of proper support, but please continuing reading and find help for yourself in a safe and healthy environment.

Danger #3: It Breeds Fear

If you type a list of your symptoms into Google, you may come up with a long and scary list of diseases that you may have. Fear could motivate you to get a more holistic and comprehensive evaluation, but it also causes a stress response in your body that leads to an increase of inflammation and symptoms. The stress of not knowing or misdiagnosing yourself is even worse for your health. Don’t be consumed by unnecessary fear, get the facts by seeing a licensed holistic healthcare provider who will help you get to the root of your symptoms.

Danger #4: Ignorance Isn’t Bliss When it Comes to Your Health

The opposite of Danger #3 is that the internet may minimize your symptoms and lead you to believe you are fine when in fact you have a serious condition that needs immediate attention. Some imbalances are life-threatening but only detectable with a comprehensive functional blood chemistry analysis. You wouldn’t have symptoms until organ damage has occurred, and Western medical standards of care and testing wouldn’t consider looking for them on a routine exam. Sometimes symptoms are a sign that the current health care model failed you.

Danger #5: Different Search Engines Will Offer You Different Things

Not only are algorithms intended to track and rank sites based on clicks rather than quality or value, but they treat you like everyone else. The information you get on Google is mainstream, oriented to treating symptoms, offering low standards of sick-care, and not individualized or holistic care. The information is informed by an industry that makes more money from you being ill than you being well. My dream would be that Western trained doctors, including oncologists, only get paid if people are healthy, rather than sick, popping pills, covering up symptoms, and merely surviving. I believe then the system would change.

Save Googling for fun trivia, jokes, and recipes. Find a holistic healthcare provider for individualized and comprehensive health and lifestyle support. You deserve to be seen and treated as a whole and unique person. Please don’t settle for internet guessing, get the truth and get results.

Blessings of Vibrant Health,

Kristin Grayce McGary