Last week we discussed some of my top secrets to getting unstuck  – now we will look more in-depth at a few more of my top tips to help you stay in balance and continue to gain knowledge on transforming your life.

4.     Do something you’ve never done before. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to go skydiving, backpacking, white water rafting, attend a yoga retreat, write a poem, go kayaking, train for and run a 5 or 10 k, get a pet, or learn to play an instrument. Now is the time! This can shift your perspective of life and help you get unstuck.

5.     Give back to your community. In the past, when I felt stuck, I would volunteer somewhere and give back to my community. I have enjoyed serving the homeless dinner and then socializing with them. This helps shift the focus away from the self, onto a larger vision and can help shake things loose. Find a community program in which you feel passionate and volunteer for 1 hour a week for 1-2 months or longer. The act of giving can really help you get unstuck in your life.

6.     If you’ve felt stuck in your body, it may be time for something new. Consider doing my specialized and comprehensive Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis. It’s a unique way of ordering and interpreting a blood chemistry lab that you’ve never experienced before. You will discover what is really going on inside your body, that may be causing pesky symptoms such as weight gain, inflammation, hormone fluctuations, fatigue, gas and bloating, moodiness, cold hands and feet, and pain. We can get to the root, so you can take action and experience optimal health.

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Getting unstuck can be fast. There may be layers of old patterns and habits that fall away with ease, leading you to freedom and flow.

Blessings of Vibrant Health,

Kristin Grayce