A Fresh New View of Immune Function

Viruses, bacteria, and fungi have been around for a very long time, including the latest pandemic. Conspiracy theories aside, the Coronavirus is being deemed dangerous and is a strain of SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome), but how dangerous is it really? There is a lot of fear being spread but is it in response to the real problem? 

It appears that the virus is most deadly to the elderly and those who are immune compromised. It causes a fever, body aches, fatigue, and a dry cough, which easily turns into pneumonia for some. If you have a lot of phlegm, then you have the flu, not COVID-19.

 We may never really understand from where this virus came, but you can do something to stay strong. Rather than focusing on the fear that is being spread in social media, I’d like to help direct your attention to the incredible strength of your immune system and the power of prevention. 

These are my top tips to stay strong and healthy, despite the potential plague of the coronavirus or other infections.

Ideally, your immune system is incredibly strong. It should react to invaders like bacteria, viruses, mycotoxins, and parasites. It’s designed to attack bad guys, keeping your tissues safe from infection. Your immune system is so powerful that certain aspects, if turned against you, could liquefy your internal organs in a matter of seconds. That’s pretty powerful!

Unfortunately, your immune system is likely not as strong as it could be. Most people have some degree of gut damage, which directly impacts their immune function. Your gut is in charge of about 75% of your immune function but due to poor food choices (more processed foods, and not enough veggies), exposures to toxins and chemicals (environment, food, air, water, body care, dental material), stressors, medication use; consumption of dairy, gluten, soy, legumes, grains, nuts, and even chronic dehydration, your gut isn’t so happy. 

If you’d like to stay healthy during this scary viral outbreak, or during flu season then it’s time to get real with yourself. You likely already know you eat too much sugar, breads, processed foods, don’t exercise enough, need to drink more spring water, don’t get out in nature enough, and don’t do enough self-care practices like meditation, gyrotonics (a movement practice like pilates but much more comprehensive) , exercise, or yoga. My intention is to empower and inspire you to make some small shifts that will have a big impact on your health and life.

Prevention is always better than treating a disease. We can successfully treat the root causes of many disease patterns but I prefer to prevent them, wouldn’t you? What if you were inspired to strengthen your immune system so you could confidently walk through the airport without wearing a mask or gloves? Or you could waltz up and down the grocery store aisle, weaving in and out of the sick people coughing and sneezing, without flinching, certain your body can handle whatever bugs are around?

Well, it’s possible and can bring you peace of mind and body.

Here are my tips:

  •  Take a high potency, liposomal Vitamin C (a special liquid that is easy to absorb). I prefer Quicksilver Scientific brand because it is the next best thing to getting an IV of Vitamin C.  (I’m happy to drop ship to you, just send an email to clientcare@kristingraycemcgary.com to request this)
  •  Avoid sugar, dairy, and gluten. All of these foods suppress or confuse your immune system, the exact opposite of what you want to do in order to kick bad bug arses! Sugar, even “natural” sugars like maple syrup, agave, and honey, can halt a particular white blood cell that is known to eat up the invading bad bugs. Dairy causes excess mucus because it’s indigestible by most humans after the age of 5. Plus it’s loaded with viruses and bacteria from the cow (usually hundreds) and this confuses your immune system so it doesn’t work as well. And finally, gluten is goo food. It causes inflammation in almost every area of your body, but especially your gut, the throne of your immune function.
  • Avoid alcohol. Science has shown that alcohol reduces immune function so why hurt yourself in this way? You can connect with friends, decompress after a hard day, and enjoy dinner out without alcohol. It’s an upgrade, trust me.
  • Sip on water regularly. If infected, there is a better chance you could wash it down, and your stomach acid would kill it.
  • Do a far infrared sauna 2x week. Science has now confirmed that this virus can’t survive in very hot temperatures. 56 degrees C. kills SARS coronavirus.
  • Take an emulsified Vitamin D 3. It’s best to get your markers checked on a lab test to see how much you need. An average dose is 2000-4000 IU/day. You can take too much, so talk to a trained healthcare provider. I like Apex Energetics Liqua-D, which I can dropship to you if you desire. It’s $16 plus shipping and lasts a few months. email clientcare@kristingraycemcgary.com
  • Get your blood checked by someone who understands how to both order and interpret a truly comprehensive lab based on optimal and healthy reference ranges. The current reference ranges on your typical lab from your doctor or naturopath are actually based on sick people. If they say you fall into “normal” range, this is not a marker of health. Please get my second book Know Your Blood, Know Your Health; Prevent Disease and Enjoy Vibrant Health Through Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis, to learn more. If you don’t have a trusted physician, please take a moment to fill out an Optimal Wellness Consultation form on my site as I would be happy to help you with this! https://kristingraycemcgary.com/optimal-wellness-form/ 
  • Incorporate immune boosting herbs into your routine. Rose hip tea, elderberry tea or liquid supplement (without sugar), and camu camu powder in your smoothie or green drink can help boost and balance your immune system. Rose hips and camu camu are both very high in Vitamin C. Because it’s from a food it’s easier to absorb than a powdered vitamin C.
  • Take a zinc supplement. I like Trace Minerals brand liquid zinc. This helps boost your immune system naturally. There are also zinc lozenges and tablets, and be sure to choose the ones without added sugar. Zinc can upset your stomach, if this happens take it with food rather than an empty stomach.
  • If you start to get sick or are exposed to someone who is ill, or feel as if you’re getting run down; then take a potent Echinacea. I prefer the Mediherb brand Echinacea Premium tincture (liquid). I add 1-2 tsp to my hot tea. A potent echinacea should cause your tongue and mouth to become slightly tingly and numb for a few minutes. If your brand doesn’t then it’s likely not potent. Cycle echinacea 7-10 days on 10 days off. (I can dropship this as it’s a professional product).
  • Wash your hands with regular soap and water. Ditch the antibacterial soaps. They tend to kill the good bacteria on your skin that help protect you. Wash your hands for as long as it takes you to sing “Happy Birthday”. Rub your hands together, the friction helps wash away the bugs
  • Stop touching your face and mouth. If you need to wear a mask or gloves to remind yourself, then do so.
  • Clean door knobs and potentially contaminated surfaces regularly
  • Take your shoes off before you enter your home. Shoes can carry many germs into your home.
  • Get plenty of sleep. Getting run down, even just one night, can decrease your immune function. When there is a bad virus going around, it’s just not worth it. 
  • If you get sick, don’t take acetaminophen. This is a pain-reliever and has been shown to suppress immune function and lengthen the duration of your illness. If you get a fever, keep it! It’s a great natural detoxification and anti-cancer event. When you have a fever, your immune system is 10-fold. This means your white blood cells are going around killing and then cleaning up a bunch of bad guys. This will build your immune system and make you stronger. It’s like working out a muscle, if you never use it, you lose it. So if you never get a fever then it’s actually a sign that your system isn’t strong enough to do a deep cleaning. Getting a fever every other year is great for your immune system.
  • Strengthen your immune system by caring for your gut health. Take professional strength pre and probiotics. Most products you get at your corner drug store or health food store are not very potent and may not have the right strains of good bacteria you need. I like Klaire Lab products which you can find here:  One of my favorites is Therbiotic complete. I add the powder to my green drinks. Follow the dosing on the bottle. You can find them here: https://wellevate.me/kristin-grayce-mcgary#/
  • If you’re sick, for Heaven’s sake, stay home! I understand money may be tight, or you have a deadline, but your health is very important and you’re not much good to anyone if you go in sick, infect other people who have weaker immune systems, and push your body when you need to rest. I was a single mom for 12 years and ran my own clinics, so I understand how getting sick can really cramp your style. And I also remember that when I surrendered to the rest my body needed, I got better more quickly.
  • Even if you’re not sick, Stay Home for the next few weeks! It’s not out of fear, it’s actually our responsibility to do our part to slow down the spread of this virus. The best way is to stay home and avoid any potential exposures. The healthcare system can’t handle it if 100,000 people get sick in a week or two. And this is a quickly spreading virus.

I hope these tips  help. I’m here for you. If you desire more empowerment and inspiration please consider scheduling a complimentary 30 minute Optimal Wellness Consultation with me to discuss your individual health and life needs.

Blessings of Vibrant Health,

Kristin Grayce LAc, MAc, CFMP(R), CST-T, CLP

Health and Lifestyle Alchemist

PS. Watch for my next upcoming blog on What to do if you contract the Coronavirus or other nasty virus. I’ve got some arse kicking supplements to put Coronavirus in its place!