Last week I introduced you to cell memory, and its profound effect on relieving some of the pressure caused by trauma on my body – there are things buried very deep with traumas that are not fully resolved. You may be wondering why it’s important to deal with this level of cell memory, especially if it’s old and buried. Actually it’s vital for your body to completely release it in order to heal and prevent future imbalances, pain, dis-ease, and suffering. Your body is designed to thrive. When you have unresolved trauma in your tissues your body is distracted, your nervous system is distracted, and you are less likely to thrive and more likely to have other accidents or health challenges. I had a patient that had an unresolved issue with her pelvis from previous sexual trauma and abuse. This lovely woman would fall all the time – she would fall down the stairs, off the curb, out of the car, and continually re-injure herself. It was her body’s way of trying to release the pelvic trauma on its own, but it wasn’t efficient. Do you know anyone who is labeled a klutz or “accident prone?” Have you ever re-injured a part of your body that had a previous trauma?  It’s likely your body is attempting to clear it once and for all. However re-injuring just adds another trauma to the picture.

Wherever there was an injury, a surgery, a scar, or a trauma, there is an interference field in your nervous system. Your body is remembering that incident as if it just happened and this is stored in your body. It’s as if part of your nervous system is stuck in “flight, fright, or freeze” mode, which is a huge stress on your system. Your body also speaks your mind, so the traumas are not always just physical but emotional as well. Resolving old traumas, even surgery scar sites, can free up the nervous system to create a deep and lasting calm, peace, freedom, and vibrant health.

There’s hope! You can completely clear and heal old traumas, accidents, and surgery sites. I prefer to utilize Advanced CST (CranioSacral Therapy) and SER (SomatoEmotional Release®) along with neural therapy to allow the body to do its job in its most efficient way. It’s important to find a skilled practitioner who can really listen to and honor your body’s unique expression of unwinding and releasing trauma from your system. Please look for advanced, certified, and licensed healthcare providers.

If you have nagging symptoms – aches and pains from old injuries, any scars from accidents or surgeries (remember your belly button is your first scar), post-traumatic stress disorder, nightmares about a previous traumatic event, anxiety or depression that began after an incident or accident, piercings, tattoos, any kind of abuse, a C-Section or traumatic birth, or a broken bone ­– your body remembers it.

I hope you’re inspired to go even deeper in your healing to release and resolve old Cell Memory so your body, mind, and spirit can really thrive – you deserve it!

Blessings of Vibrant Health,

Kristin Grayce