If you read last week’s blog you’ll remember the discussion of how Western medicine claims to not have many answers about autoimmune issues and no cure in sight. However, holistic and functional healthcare providers do have access to more information and support. This week’s blog offers more hope and insight for those showing signs and suffering.

About 75% of your immune system comes from your gut. So your gut health is essential in the functioning and balance of your immune system. Remember how I mentioned autoimmune issues can take years to fully manifest? Well, your gut may be inflamed and out of sorts without you even knowing it, until you get a diagnosable disease.  An autoimmune issue may be lurking and you won’t even know it until it’s possibly too late.  That’s not soon enough for me.

I worked with a patient who had chronic joint inflammation and pain (mostly in her knees, shoulders, and hands). She was taking prescription thyroid medication but had never had a full thyroid panel (10 markers), which left me unsure of how the doctor knew what to give her since she never actually evaluated the gland that she was trying to support. Unfortunately, I see this a lot. She never had a truly comprehensive functional blood chemistry analysis so I offered this to her to help shed light on the deeper issues. What we found was shocking. She’d been taking thyroid medication for at least 10 years and her thyroid antibodies were high. No one had ever bothered to test them or explain their importance to her.  She began a gut repair nutritional and lifestyle plan and her antibodies dropped, her joint pain vanished and her brain began to work better. Not only was gut repair helping regulate her immune system but it was also helping support her brain. The gut is commonly known as the Second Brain.

The gut can take anywhere from months to years to heal. Because of my history, I will remain on a fairly strong gut repair program for the rest of my life, but not everyone has to. This is simply what feels best to my body and I’m open to my body changing and asking for different things as I evolve. You are unique and what works for you may not work for your best friend. It’s necessary to get all the information and also have it properly interpreted according to your individuality and health goals.

There are many fad diets, gut repair programs, supplements, and pieces of advice out there. There is no “one size fit’s all” approach. Be an informed consumer and own your uniqueness – listen to your body and follow your heart. Learn how to interview your doctor in this Free Download. I know it looks like a coaching book, but I wrote the Health chapter on how to interview your doctor and get the care you deserve.

Avoid pain, suffering, and the horrors of autoimmune diseases by owning your power, becoming an informed consumer, and healing your gut.  I know you’re worth it!

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Blessings of Vibrant Health,

Kristin Grayce